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Whole Wheat Bread Loaf

This loaf of Whole Wheat bread is super simple to make and is perfect for sandwhiches. Its sturdy enough to hold everything together and has a great taste!


  • 250 grams of Whole Wheat Flour

  • 250 grams of All-Purpose Flour

  • 300 grams of Filtered Water (75-80 degrees)

  • 8 grams of Yeast

  • 10 grams of Salt

  • 60 grams of Honey

  • 25 grams of Vegetable Oil

  • 1 loaf pan


Begin by measuring out all of your ingredients using a bakers scale. Then in a large mixing bowl, add in your water and yeast. Let your yeast activate for about 5 minutes, and then sprinkle your flour over the water and yeast. On top of your flour, sprinkle in your salt, and then your honey and vegetable oil. Now go ahead and mix everything with your hands until you have a fully combined dough. Once your dough is combined, cover it with cling wrap and let it rest for 30 min.

After 30 minutes are up, turn out your dough onto a bakers mat or a sanitized surface and knead your dough for 5-7 minutes. We want our dough to develop gluten so that it can hold its shape in the oven.

After you are finished kneading your dough, place it back into your bowl and cover it with cling wrap. Now let it rise for 3 hours.

After 3 hours are up, very gently turn your dough out on your bakers mat, and gently form a loaf shape. Once you have shaped your dough, place it in your loaf pan and let it rise for another 1 hour. While your dough is rising, preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

After 1 hour is up, take a pastry brush and brush a thin layer of water on the top of your bread. Then bake your bread for 35 minutes. You can check on it and leave it in longer if you want a darker crust. I like my bread soft so I leave it in for about 35 minutes. Once your 35 minutes are up, take out your bread on a wire rack and let it cool down completely before slicing into it.

This bread is great for sandwiches or can be eaten with some butter and honey!

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